Insurance Self-Service Portal

Insurance Self-Service Portal - Case Study

Our solution helped an online car insurance provider streamline 50% of manual processes, reduced cost, and improved customer service.

Project Highlights

  1. The client is an online insurance provider, and they wanted to build a self-service portal that would reduce the amount of manual work required to provide quotes and manage customers and partners. They had no online quoting system, and no CRM to help them manage their customers and partners. The insurance company was losing a lot of money by having to manually process insurance quotes and manage customer relationships.
  2. We worked together with the client to build a custom web app, integrated it with their system and CRM to drive the company’s engagement with customers and partners. We also helped the company build an online quoting system.
  3. The result was that they have now reduced 50% of manual work, which means they can now handle more customers at once while also providing more individualized service.

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