Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation

Accelerating Your Transformation Trajectory into the Clouds

With Cloud-Enabled Digital Transformation, the Sky’s the Limit!

As you transform into a digital business, cloud services provide the perfect platform to store organizational data as well as user preferences, integrate business management applications, secure and recover data, and build, test and deploy applications without setting up your own complex IT infrastructure. This means huge savings in capital expenditure, IT implementation and maintenance.

And, you get:

Easy and on-demand access to your system anytime, anywhere. You can choose the level of authorization while still fostering collaboration and teamwork in your company
Freedom from critical data loss due to breaches, attacks or system failures as the cloud hosts multiple copies of your data
Ability to try out numerous applications across diverse platforms without your own IT setup
Scalability – where you pay for only those resources that you need and use
Help in customizing your solutions/products/services as per your user preference data
Management, maintenance and security of critical business resources with internet-based access
Data-driven decision making by mining of extensive data to make analyses and predictions, identify patterns, pre-empt possible upcoming crisis by having all your data in one place and at your fingertips
Agility, flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness

A tech-savvy and experienced transformation partner can help you harness the benefits of the cloud platform and ensure a hassle-free cloud transformation experience.

Adita Technologies is ably supported by experienced, talented and technically-skilled experts, with a strong emphasis on our own powerful and proven Cloud Transformation Methodology, to help you navigate the pitfalls and successfully build, design and introduce your organization to the world of cloud services.

Key Offerings



Creating cloud transformation strategies with a clear understanding of how the needs of your organization align with the features and capabilities of your cloud services provider


Scope & Plan

Developing organization-specific plans with a comprehensive roadmap and measurable business goals and timelines to ensure smooth migration


Analysis & Design

Evaluating the best cloud approaches and deployment types including assessment of readiness, security and system architecture audits, and current state analysis.


Fostering a cloud-first environment in perfect harmony with your business objectives including cloud-based business application development.


Offering a choice of deployment on public, private, community or hybrid clouds.


Help you resolve issues and maximize performance and productivity by managing cloud performance and utilization.

Key Benefits

Road-Tested Cloud Transformation Methodology

Unparalleled record of successful migrations

Unmatched Post-Migration Support

Lightning-fast query and issues resolution

Organization and Industry-Specific Customization

Custom-made solutions addressing your unique business needs
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