Application Implementation

Application Implementation

Unlocking Business Success through Effective Application

Building Bridges between Strategy and ROI

With a plethora of Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solutions like ERP, CRM, Market Automation and IOT, available to address the varying business-specific needs of organizations, you no longer have to wait to see your business investments pay off. Quick, painless and effective implementation of applications is the key. The first step of your journey, however, is getting a strategy in place that addresses the various objectives and milestones as well as rollout mechanisms. Couple this with risk and change management plus a primary focus on user adoption and you are on your way to successful implementation!

Equipped with unparalleled product knowledge, technical expertise and experience across multiple industries and technology platforms, our certified consultants offer end-to-end implementation solutions. Starting with pre-implementation consulting to help you evaluate the right solution, followed by designing a results-focussed roadmap compatible with your business goals, our experts implement a solution, whether ERP, CRM (Salesforce and SAP), Market Automation or IOT, that is a best fit for your systems and is able to give you the best value.

Key Offerings


Business Process Review

Gaining a thorough understanding of the strategic needs of your business, the processes used to achieve them, customer expectations and the potential pain points.


Requirements Analysis

Identifying and translating business needs into project requirements and documenting them along with the best-fit solution as determined by the use of industry-specific best practices. This leads to the creation of an implementation roadmap detailing the roles, responsibilities, schedules and timelines.


Implementation Consulting

Providing expertise – from product configuration, process alignment, gap analysis and management, conversions of existing applications, integration, testing, infrastructure deployment, project and change management to post-project support.


Systems Integration

Amalgamating the systems and applications critical to your business including performing enterprise application integration and business process integration improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.


Data Migration

Helping you analyse, extract, transform, cleanse, validate, upload and reconcile your legacy data thereby reducing implementation costs, eliminating delays, minimising risk, building a mature information infrastructure and enabling better decision making through Best Practices in Enterprise Data Governance.



Offering web-based public training as well as custom-made on-demand training to encourage user adoption and engagement.


Change Management

Defining a change management strategy and using operating tools and methods to mitigate change risks, reduce costs due to impact on productivity, prepare appropriate risk responses and decrease rework.


On-Going Transition Support

Making you self-sufficient through account management and customer support during transition.

Post-Implementation Support and Maintenance

Extending the life of applications through system upgrades, functional enhancements and deployment of new software releases. Offering mainstream and customer-specific maintenance support as part of our standard support contract with a choice to opt for extended maintenance upon the payment of an additional fee.

Key Benefits


Full Service Provider

In-depth knowledge of your business and technology environments to recommend, integrate and manage the perfect solution


Increased User Adoption

Using an educational, collaborative and flexible approach to enhance end-user engagement


On-Time Support and Maintenance

Rapid resolution of problems and prevention of bottlenecks and system downtime


Exceptional Implementation Services

Unrivalled product knowledge, technical expertise and experience across diverse industries and technology platforms with end-to-end implementation solutions

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