AI App Development

We understand that the ability to use AI effectively is critical for companies of all sizes, and we want to make sure your organization can take advantage of this powerful technology. Our team of experienced software developers will work with you to identify the best way to implement AI in your business processes, and then develop the software that makes it happen.

Our AI App Development Services

AI Strategy Consulting

Our goal is to help you create a better product or service by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. We'll work with you from start to finish—from brainstorming ideas to testing them out on real scenarios—so that your idea can become reality!

AI Product Development

When it comes time to build your own AI product, we're ready to help. We'll take on everything from front-end design through back-end development, so that you can focus on what matters most: creating an amazing product that meets the needs of your users and provides value for your company.

AI App Development

Our team can also develop applications for existing systems that need additional intelligence. Whether it's integrating machine learning into a customer service platform or adding natural language processing capabilities to an enterprise resource planning system, our experienced engineers know how to get the job done.

AI in ERP, CRM and MA

We've got a team of experts who can work with you to build an AI strategy that fits seamlessly into your existing technology stack. We can help you embed AI in your existing ERPs including SAP, Dynamics 365, Business Central; CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and Marketing Automation platforms.

Our AI Solutions

Our AI Expertise

Machine Learning

We specialize in building custom machine learning models that optimize performance, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Deep Learning

Our experts are trained in a wide range of deep learning techniques including convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks and generative adversarial networks.

Image Segmentation

We perform image segmentation for many industries including retail, healthcare and manufacturing.

Computer Vision

We build computer vision solutions for applications such as facial recognition and object detection/tracking.

Text Analytics

We provide text analytics solutions for applications such as sentiment analysis, topic modeling, entity resolution and document summarization

Federated Learning

It is a new approach to AI that uses transfer learning to improve the performance of existing models. We offer Federated Learning as a service, so that you can take advantage of all the benefits it can provide without having to build an AI infrastructure from scratch!

AI Platform Partners

How Can We Help You

We offer our AI App Development services in the form of proof-of-concepts, prototypes, and minimum viable products (MVPs).


We start by identifying your business goals and then create a proof-of-concept of your idea. This will help you test whether or not your idea is viable.


Our next step is to build a working model of your app to test it in real-time scenarios. At this stage, we are focused on implementing the core functionalities of your app and making sure everything works as expected.

Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

The MVP stage is where we can show you a fully functional version of an app that showcases what it would look like if it was live. It includes all the features you want in your app as well as some basic functionality so that you can see what it would feel like if people were using it every day.

Why Choose Adita As Your AI App Development Partner

We know that building an AI app is hard, and we've been there. We've built our own apps, and we know what it takes to develop an app that your customers will love. We've worked with companies of all sizes and budgets, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Whether you need help with your first AI app or you want to make sure your existing one is up-to-date, we have a solution for you!
We understand that every company has different goals and challenges. That's why our team works hard to understand your needs and then build something that's custom-made for your business. We're here for you every step of the way as you work toward building a better future for yourself and your organization!
Our team is made up of some of the best AI developers in the world. They are experts at creating projects that maximize user experience while also ensuring they meet all your business needs. Our clients love working with us because we always deliver high quality products within budget and on time.

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