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Help Desk and Support Services

When Do You Need Us?

Stuck and need help NOW but can’t get to the right person at Salesforce support or can’t wait two days for a response? Need some time with a Salesforce guru to talk through some proposed configuration changes? Don’t have a full-time Administrator at your company and you’re a little nervous about configuring Salesforce without backup? Need a support resource to make updates to your Salesforce settings? Administrator overloaded and chasing a deadline?

When Do You Need Us?

Already a customer of, but not seeing the business results you’d expected? Self-implemented and not sure you’ve setup the database correctly? Configuration feeling a bit clunky and inefficient? Problems with your initial implementation causing issues downstream with your data? Dashboards not providing you insights and trends about your data? Business growing and your changing business needs doesn’t match your current CRM setup?


Don’t have a full-time campaign manager at your company and you’re a little nervous about launching new campaign? Need a support resource to configure new automations and marketing campaign? Not sure whether your marketing tool is aligned to your new marketing strategist or want to discuss new marketing strategy with a marketing automation guru? Again a freelancer dumped you and need to complete creatives and marketing assets immediately? Don’t know if your content can get you high CTR and conversion, need a content writer? Got a really good content but delivery is a problem, getting spam complaints or lower delivery rates?

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