Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation & CRM Integration Partner

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation & CRM Integration Partner

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation Platform

An end-to-end marketing automation solution

Excellence by aligning marketing with customer needs

A good marketing strategy should be aligned with customer needs, so is the case with marketing processes. Enter Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation platform, it is the top-ranked Marketing Automation Platforms in the Q4 2018 Forrester Wave B2B. The Eloqua marketing platform will help you in demand generation, email marketing, and lead management engagement. It ensures customer orientation across all phases of the marketing process, giving your sales team the added edge for successful closures.

Key Benefits


Better prospecting

Everything starts with prospects. This is one ‘right’ you can’t go ‘wrong’ with!
Reach out to the right individuals, at the right time with the most relevant information. Oracle Eloqua creates rich profiles with specific attributes that best define your prospective customers. This will ensure that you have the most accurate and highly segmented databases to work with.


Personalized customer engagement

Delight your customers or prospects with customized communication across multiple channels viz email, display, search, web, video and mobile. The lead and campaign management tools of Eloqua marketing allow you to create campaigns that engage the right audience embarking them on buyers’ journey while providing real-time reporting and insights.


A robust partner network

One of the key differentiators of Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation platform is the robust network of over 500 partners, representing over 700 integrations. These help avoid redundancy of legacy systems, allowing you to align existing enterprise applications to Eloqua marketing automation. This also ensures scalability and extension, to complement business growth.


Enhanced User Interface

The UI of Eloqua marketing platform has been designed to derive maximum productivity. The interface is simple and intuitive you are able to easily navigate. The interface also allows you to personalize. Shortcuts can be created to see preferred and high-value activities. The interactive and insightful dashboards enable you to get a handle on the marketing efforts. You are able to track your efforts in real-time and quickly take corrective action if needed.



Your audience consumes information using varied media formats. The Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation platform ensures that your brand is present at all relevant platforms that may be accessed by the customer. The powerful analytics minutely track consumer behavior giving you valuable insights to design campaigns and showcase your brand in ways that will strongly appeal to your target audience.

Key Features

Scalable and economical

The Eloqua marketing platform is delivered through cloud, thus
there are no significant infrastructure costs. The SaaS model ensures that you pay as per use, making Eloqua a scalable and economical platform.

Wider outreach

You can aggregate both offline and online data sets by accessing external
data sources to expand the amount of customer interactions you can target against. The Eloqua CRM integration allows the platform to collect all data from customers, regardless of engagement activity and also converts unknown customers to known, this significantly increases your overall outreach.

Measurable success and ROI driven

The Eloqua Marketing Cloud Strategic Services team
helps you realize enhanced success, for example your over all email engagement goes up by 35%. It boosts your overall marketing ROI through deeper customer insights, implementation of targeted marketing programs, and enabling true cross-channel integration.

Powerful analytics

The customer analytics is a key success driver. It helps you predict and
react to customer behavior faster. The insights offered by Oracle Eloqua enable you to develop proactive, customer-targeted marketing programs.

Oracle Marketing Automation Cloud Resources

Oracle Marketing Automation is a platform that has proven itself time and again. It is an evolving platform, which keeps on adding to itself. We encourage you to explore the research, stories, tools and much more to help you understand and better leverage this unique platform. Our very responsive customer support is available 24X7. The team of experts is always at your disposal to ensure that your team is always dressed for success!
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