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Salesforce Powered Remittance App - Case Study

We helped a fintech company rebuild its remittance app, optimize their technology infrastructure and drive innovation. This reduced the company’s manual work by 30% and increased the speed of the remittance service from days to minutes.

Project Highlights

  1. A fintech company, with a mission to help people around the world send money home, were looking to accelerate their growth and expand their product offerings. They had a successful licenses-based application, but weren’t adding new services rapidly. Their complex landscape with integration to multiple systems meant that they were doing a lot of manual work—which hindered their ability to innovate and introduce new features like accepting payment via crypto currency.
  2. We helped them rebuild their platform using Salesforce, which made it easier for them to add innovative services and introduce new functionalities. They are now able to accept payment via crypto currency, which is something they never would have been able to do before!

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