Terra Mater Floors achieved 2x more orders at Half of the Staff


surge in sales
orders and transfers


reduction in operations
staff resourcing


acceleration in order fulfillment
turnaround time

“The team at Adita Technologies took the time to understand our requirements and provided us the right tools to launch our business into the future.”

David Temby, Operations Manager at Terra Mater Floors

The problem

Terra Mater Floors is very much a fast-growing business. Since its inception in 2017, the flooring supplier had grown from nothing to a 400+ customer business, with warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and staff in every state. There was just one problem: its business software.

The small business software the company had launched with was already struggling with transaction volumes and, with only very limited inventory management, was totally unable to track stock across its three warehouses. An attempt to switch to a well-known, enterprise-level CRM had ended badly and, by the time David Temby had started as Terra Mater’s new Operations Manager in 2020, the company was in desperate need of a new business platform – and IT partner – that it could trust.

The solution

Since 2008, Adita Technologies has built a reputation for technical excellence, implementing large, often complex ERP and CRM solutions. With every new client, Adita’s local teams runs an in-depth business study to identify exactly what the business needs from its new system – and what it’s likely to need in future.

When Terra Mater enlisted ADITA as its new IT partner, in 2020, the two companies were an instant fit, with ADITA taking time to understand Terra Mater Floors company’s goals. Once we understood what they needed from their new system, we designed the project scope and then developed an implementation plan that included training for all end users on how to use the new software. The implementation of Wiise ERP proved transformative for Terra Mater Floors, addressing their inventory management challenges and optimizing various aspects of their business processes:

Accurate Inventory Management:

  • Wiise ERP provides real-time visibility into current and future stock locations and quantities.
  • Enhanced details, such as information on manufacturing defects, and limited, or custom stock, empower field sales teams to make informed decisions.

Automated Order Processing:

  • The system’s capability to work with multiple units of measure across different documents significantly reduced turnaround times.
  • Fulfillment time was cut to 24 hours, resulting in an impressive 82% increase in sales orders and transfers, accompanied by a 78% rise in shipments.

Intelligent Forecasting

  • Our Solution facilitated intelligent forecasting through features like capital management, cash flow worksheets, and geo-budgeting.
  • This empowered the finance team to make more accurate stock-related decisions, increasing profitability and minimizing wasted stock.

The Difference

Before Wiise ERP implementation

The absence of effective inventory management compelled staff to resort to guesswork and stock buffering practices to meet the demands of substantial orders.

Tracking stock across three disparate warehouses and determining accurate costs proved to be an impossible challenge.

The reliance on manual processes and data entry resulted in sluggish order processing, leading to customer frustration and a substantial loss in sales.

Upon adopting Wiise

Sales teams gained real-time visibility into available stock, enabling them to offer customers impromptu deals with confidence.

The implementation significantly reduced the data entry workload, resulting in a 50% decrease and allowing the redeployment of three staff members to more strategic roles.

The operations team benefited from precise insights into stock allocation, including details by container, state, and warehouse, facilitated by Wiise Item Availability through the Event Planner feature.

The Results

Combining insights from Power BI and Wiise reporting, sales representatives are now armed with accurate stock data and predictions, enabling them to boost sales and expand the business.
Eliminating manual and paper-based processes allows staff to focus on strategic tasks, including managing cashflow and profitability.
With a modern, flexible, and AI-powered cloud ERP, Terra Mater Floors is well-positioned for future growth, having already expanded by opening more offices and warehouses.
“60% of our orders need a 24-hour turnaround. Previously, we could just about manage 72 hours and would lose out on sales. With Wiise, we can meet that 24-hour turnaround. Our Business Intelligence has taken a quantum leap forward and there’s been a massive increase in accuracy. We have to be able to provide our customers exactly what they want when they want it”

David Temby, Operations Manager at Terra Mater