AI Powered Commodity Trading Solution

Our AI driven mobile app helped our client drive high-efficiency in trading food commodities. It significantly reduced response time to new trading requests to customers and facilitated trading from anywhere, anytime. Based on past transactions, customer profiles, and product characteristics, our AI client assists in determining which products are the greatest fit for the customer. In order to better pique the attention of the buyer, it also divides the products into different categories.

Key Features:

  1. A leading Food Commodity Trading Company wanted to empower its growing network of suppliers and customers with a mobile solution that would help it manage its sales, trading and financial functions efficiently.
  2. We built an AI client to assist in product ranking, enabling the ability to keep the necessary inventory. The AI client helps in recommending the best products to purchase based on customer profiles, and transaction history
  3. It also generates the rating of customers and products based on transaction and application and predicts customer churn to build effective customer retention strategies.

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