AI Powered Direct Seller CRM Platform

An innovation-driven startup wanted to build a CRM platform for B2B2C direct sellers. Using advanced analytics and machine learning, we enabled product recommendations based on transactional data in the platform. We used deep learning and machine learning approaches to organize and replenish the inventory, which also helps to forecast the customer's next purchase date.

Key Features:

  1. Our solution provides direct seller / MLM agents with everything they need to run their business from one platform. It also provides companies with tools to get a 360 degree view of their operations and manage it.
  2. Our product replenishment module helps buyers and sellers to predict the next purchase date. The module manages the inventory and helps to increase the sales of the least selling products.
  3. The cross-sell modules recommend the relevant products based on purchased products.
  4. Even if the customer is new, the system can still suggest recommendations based on customer profile and location.

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