Salesforce CRM, CPQ and Pardot increased sales productivity by 30% and increased lead conversion by 30%

A transport refrigeration unit manufacturer wanted to build a centralized marketing platform for new customer acquisition and also for managing the existing customer and prospect to customer journey. Our team helped them not only streamline their marketing process but also exponential increase in customer satisfaction.

Project Highlights

  1. Our client wanted to build a centralized CRM system to reduce admin related activities, measure the sales effort in a meaningful way, drive new customer acquisition and also optimize the customer experience.
  2. We worked together with the client to build this centralized system using the following tools: MYOB Advanced, Salesforce CRM, CPQ and Pardot. MYOB Advanced, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, connected different business functions in one single platform. The Salesforce CRM helped us in tracking all the customer interactions. The CPQ was used for designing the product catalogs and automating quote generation. Finally, Pardot was used for marketing purposes so that we could reach out to more customers through email campaigns and social media channels like Facebook & Twitter etc
  3. The central system would allow users to manage customer relationships in one place, while also ensuring that all data was up-to-date across all platforms.
  4. Our efforts resulted in driving the Sales team’s productivity by 30%. Guided selling via CPQ helped the AE’s to achieve a 20% increase in lead conversion.

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