AI Driven Email Template Builder

AI Driven Email Template Builder

We built an advanced email template builder for creating end-to-end email marketing campaigns in hours instead of days.

Key Features:

  1. Custom recursive email designing: Develop and recreate your own bespoke designs, and save the templates for reuse
  2. Saving and Loading: Download created email templates for sharing and collaboration.
  3. Continuous Integration: Continuously load the email template with profile and customer data from the database
  4. Reusability: Break down templates into various components and reuse them or combine them to create new ones
  5. Content Management: Get NLP and computer-vision-based content suggestions

AI Features:

  1. NLP-based content recommendations: Get content recommendations based on your previously created templates
  2. Image Editor: Edit/recreate images with minimal effort, like the image-to-logo, image compression, and text editing in the image