Field Service Lightning

Field Service Lightning

Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) is a robust field service management software solution that helps organizations streamline and maximize their field service operations. It allows field service agents to manage their work from anywhere and at any time by using a mobile device, and it provides real-time access to job schedules, work orders, customer data, and inventory management tools.

Product Overview

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Key Features

Job Scheduling and Dispatching

FSL provides drag-and-drop scheduling tools, automated appointment scheduling, and immediate access to technician availability and task status.

Mobile Workforce Management

Field service agents can use their mobile devices to access work orders, client details, inventory management tools, and other essential information.

Asset and Inventory Management

FSL allows firms to manage their inventories and assets in real-time, keep track of stock levels, and automate reordering procedures.

Analytics and Reporting

FSL’s real-time analytics and reporting capabilities enable firms to obtain important insights into their field service operations and discover areas for development.

Service Agreements and Contracts

FSL provides tools for managing service agreements and contracts, such as automated renewal reminders and contract renewal tracking.

Third-Party Integrations

FSL can be integrated with other Salesforce products and third-party software to streamline workflows and drive efficiency.

Key Benefits


Increased Efficiency

Streamline field service operations, minimize manual processes, and automate workflows, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.


Improved Customer Experience

Give your field service employees real-time access to customer information, allowing them to provide tailored, high-quality assistance to customers.


Greater Control and Visibility

Get real-time visibility into field service operations, to make data-driven decisions and quickly respond to changing situations.


Improved Collaboration

Drive collaboration between your field service agents, office personnel, and customers, ensuring everyone is on the same page and reduce miscommunications.

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