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Helping organizations make more sense of themselves and their habitat

Towards a collaborative ecosystem

In this unpredictable and fast changing environment, companies and organizations have to constantly keep their antennae focused on stakeholders to make sense of it all. They need feeds from multiple sources to understand various aspects of their products, services, and sometimes even themselves (an Outside-in view). Even amongst competitors there are areas that require collaboration. Salesforce Community Cloud is just the solution for you -- it helps you create collaborative communities of customers, investors, employees, partners, vendors, and others. The resulting interactions may be a mirror, an ideation platform, a product testing ground, a fan-club, a source of volunteers or potential employees, even an informal advisory group, a platform to put forth the organization perspective on an issue, policy etc. and much more. The objectives may be multiple and evolve with time, but the need for Communities is certain! Every organization needs to keep their finger on the pulse of its stakeholders to ensure longevity.

Product Overview

See Community Cloud in action

Watch this short video to learn more about the SalesForce Community Cloud and how it can help you run your business better.

Key Benefits


Communities for Brand Building & Insulation

Customers, employees, partners, vendors etc. are some of the key stakeholders of any organization. The organization needs to constantly engage with them to operate smoothly. And most organizations do it through various channels but they may be formal channels, one-way channels or too straight jacketed with organizational perspective to accommodate stakeholder’s view. Salesforce Community Cloud helps you develop vibrant communities that are organic in their evolution and facilitate meaningful conversations amongst the stakeholders. Helping generate crucial insights into the thinking of each group. These may play an important role in organizational success and in some cases in their very survival.


Empowered Customers

Customer communities operate as self-help groups. A user may be facing some minor problem and for this she may not need to come to the company but get a solution from the user community. This will allow your service team to focus on really complex issues while the simpler ones are taken care of by the community. The customer self-help groups also result in higher brand loyalty and brand-ownership amongst members. They feel responsible for the brand!


Motivated Employees

Employees are your primary brand ambassadors. They are the ones that enable the delivery of a product or a service to the consumer. They are the ones who transform a prospect into a client and a client into a loyal customer who comes back for repeat purchases and also recommends your brand to others. Salesforce Community Cloud provides with the requisite tools to build employee groups or self-help communities at various levels and locations or even across hierarchies and locations. These may also help learnings and best practices of particular department or unit to percolate informally across the organization. Employees can get their issues resolved in these communities, which helps build trust amongst employees. The employee community may act as pressure/stress release valves and problem sensors, helping avoid any trouble brewing due to employee dissatisfaction. With some proactive management based on the insights generated from the community, an evolving issue can be nipped in the bud before it snowballs into a full-blown crisis.


Driving Sales and Profitability Northwards

Constantly engaging with the consumers or rather consumers engaging amongst themselves immensely benefits the brand. This also happens across other communities viz. employees, partners, vendors etc. Salesforce Community Cloud captures leads and other meaningful data from these conversations. The online collaboration software allows you to create social, mobile, and branded stakeholder communities. Enabling you to communicate with them (the stakeholders) at all times. All stakeholders will have access to information they need, at all times. This will make the organization more efficient, driving the sales and profitability graph Northwards!

Key Features


Users may access the community from any device, anytime and anywhere through the native app or the mobile browser. The Salesforce Community Cloud offers a rich user experience. The Salesforce Mobile software development kit (SDK) allows you to create highly customized mobile collaboration apps.

Seamless Business Integration

The Salesforce business integration solution connects all key departments viz. sales, service, and marketing, to supply chain and product development. The tool also facilitates actions like approvals, status updates etc. Sales opportunities/leads can be connected to support cases, contacts, campaigns, or any custom object. Members can move processes forward directly from the community.

Personalized and In-depth

The interests, behavior and areas of operation of each community member are mapped by Salesforce Einstein’s Machine learning. Based on which the Community Cloud automatically suggests connections to experts, groups, and content. The data is shared in a branded, social and mobile environment.

Customization and Branding

The platform allows you to customize the user experience as per you branding policy. Tools like Community Builder, Community templates and visual designer make it easy to alter the visual elements of templates to match your brand’s look and feel, and create an immersive customer experience.

Lightning Bolt

Create next-generation communities and portals that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce. Fully branded, mobile-optimized communities and portals that are completely integrated with your business process can be built in no time at all! Combine deep business logic with built-in workflow. Bolt’s drag-and-drop design lets you easily customize every aspect of the experience with Lightning Community Builder, and add partner-built Lightning Components from AppExchange. Any member can create, using Lightning Bolt, industry-specific solutions for deployment by other members of the community.

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