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Transforming information into insights

Leveraging power of insights

Someone has rightly said, “Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.” There is data all around us rather too much of it, and to harness its power we need to make sense of it. Analyze it and develop insights can be used. Salesforce Analytics Cloud (Einstein Analytics) is a powerful tool that helps you make sense of all that is happening within and around you. Einstein Analytics percolates across your CRM, captures data, analyses it, generates reports and actionable insights in real-time, making your organization smart, efficient and primed for success.

Product Overview

See Analytics Cloud in action

Watch this short video to learn more about the SalesForce Pardot Cloud and how it can help you run your business better.

Analytics Key Benefits


Leverage multiple data sources

With Einstein Analytics you will be able to exploit all your data sources – internal and external. The powerful analytics engine quickly processes it and generates actionable intelligence.


Smart and connected

Salesforce Analytics Cloud seamlessly integrates with your sales, marketing and community cloud(s), and also with other legacy systems. This enables Einstein Analytics to factor in all aspects of your business operation. It is capable of delivering a 360 degree holistic organization wide view as well as insights into specific functions or departments.


Anytime, anywhere access

Be it a mobile phone, a tablet, smart watch, laptop or any other device, users can access Einstein Analytics on the device of their choice. The Salesforce Analytics Cloud has been optimized for all popular devices, operating systems and mobile browsers.


There is an app for each function

Connect key departments like sales, service, marketing, HR, and IT via apps. The Einstein Analytics products suite includes 19 industry-leading partners with analytics apps for every function, in industry.


Make accurate forecasts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables tools analyze millions of data combinations in minutes to help you better understand what(s) and why(s) of your operations, and enable more accurate forecasts.


Empowered Sales & Service teams

Empower your sales and service teams with requisite tools and insights leading to smarter deals and happier customers. Harness the full power of Salesforce Cloud data with Einstein Analytics suite of apps.

Key Features

Easy and speedy deployment

Easy to install, and does not require technical team to optimize software and hardware. Wave Analytics Apps integrates seamlessly and instantaneously with Salesforce Cloud.

Data Security

Trusted by over 150,000 businesses. You can confidently and safely collaborate on any type of device, including Android and iOS.

Immediate actionable insights

With built-in tools called Einstein Actions. This allows you to create a task, update a record, share insights, and more — without waiting around for legacy technology or data analysis.

Consistent communication

With embedded dashboards across the entire Salesforce Cloud Platform with Einstein Analytics — from Sales Cloud to Service Cloud to Community Cloud. Facilitates a consistent view of data and access to new insights for employees and partners.

Allows data analysis from multiple platforms

Salesforce and others, in use across the organization. You can instantly explore information, find insights, and take actions that help the whole team to move forward

Simplify Sales Analytics

Discover new opportunities, monitor the pipeline, and team performance with prebuilt dashboards displaying key business metrics and KPIs.

Wave for Service

Dashboards and lenses embedded into the Lightning Console give agents a 360-degree up-to-date view of customers. It also enables managers to track case trends, agent efficiency, and channel optimization.

Custom analytics applications

To solve issues for any company, in any industry. Discover and implement partner apps built on the platform that are already saving businesses time and money.

Auto-generated presentations

Enable faster communication of findings across the organization. The slides have visualizations and talking points, saving you the burden of navigating the complex business analysis software.

Smarter decisions anytime & anywhere

Wave Analytics is designed for mobile and optimised across every device, for both Android and iOS. So mobile never feels like an afterthought, it’s the first thought. With Einstein Analytics insights are available to the whole team. You can have a conversation around data, collaborate on critical accounts or obstacles, and present to colleagues from any device.

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