Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a sophisticated Salesforce software solution that simplifies and automates the process of quoting and customizing products and services for clients. It gives businesses the tools they need to generate accurate, individualized quotations and proposals, maintain product catalogs and pricing, and fully automate the sales process.

Product Overview

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Key Features

Product Configuration

CPQ helps firms to easily configure complicated products and services, giving sales agents a quick and error-free procedure.

Pricing and Discount Management

It enables firms to manage pricing and promotions in real-time, making sure sales representatives always have the most up-to-date pricing data.

Quote Management

CPQ allows firms to store and track bids and proposals in a centralized location, with version control, approval workflows, and electronic signature features.

Guided Selling

The software provides guided selling solutions that allow sales representatives to make data-driven suggestions based on customer wants and needs.

Contract Management

It gives companies the instruments they need to manage and track contracts, such as automated renewal reminders and contract renewal monitoring.


CPQ works in tandem with other Salesforce products and third-party software applications, streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency.

Key Benefits


Increased Efficiency

Streamline and automate each step of your sales process, eliminating manual processes and enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Improved Sales Accuracy

Provide your sales staff with accurate and up-to-date information, allowing them to swiftly and properly develop individualized quotations and proposals.


Faster Time-to-Market

Reduce the time it takes to introduce new products and services to market, and respond swiftly to customer demands.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Offer a seamless and positive customer experience by offering unique product configurations, automated pricing, and real-time quotes.


Improved Sales Forecasting

With real-time analytics and reporting, get actionable insights into your sales performance and discover areas for improvement.

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