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This is your ready-to-install suite of solutions that act as a bridge, an extension or an add-on to your Salesforce Cloud. Whether you’re in Financial Services, Manufacturing, or Retail, AppExchange offers a wide choice of solutions. To further add to ease-of-use there are 11 curated industry collection pages on AppExchange. These solutions enable you to extend Salesforce to every department and every industry. The reviews and opinions about various solutions from the thousands of existing users help you find the best matched ones for your business.

Product Overview

See AppExchange in action

Watch this short video to learn more about the SalesForce AppExchange and how it can help you run your business better.

Key Benefits


Harness the true power of Salesforce Cloud

All solutions on the AppExchange are designed to complement the Salesforce Cloud and analytics. These may be called Force-multipliers or Salesforce-Multipliers for they enable you to not only harness the true power of the Salesforce Cloud but to extend its capabilities in ways you never thought possible. In fact some of the solutions even surprise us as they trigger an entirely new chain of thought firing up our innovation engines!


Much more than a suite of business apps

The platform also offers components viz Lightning Data and Bolt Solutions, consulting partners, and developers that help you extend the power of Salesforce.


They are safe

All solutions featured on the AppExchange have to pass the Salesforce muster. We ensure that the apps that make it to the platform only increase productivity and are geared to offer enhanced user experience for your customers, partners and employees.


Faster and smarter way to extend Salesforce Cloud

The solution APIs speedily integrate with your Salesforce Cloud and legacy systems. There are no delays in deployment and you are in business almost immediately! To further add to your convenience and choose the right solution(s) with least effort and time — we have curated 11 industry pages on the AppExchange.

Key Features


As almost 40% of the solutions on the AppExchange are free. For the paid ones, most follow the SaaS model, where you pay as per use and for others there is a reasonable license fee. The terms and conditions of use have been formulated so that there is a win-win for the developer and the user, while being fair to each party.

Pre-screened with high degree of compatibility

By Salesforce team to reduce risk so you and your teams. You may need little or no technical support to deploy these solutions. You also have access to 70K+ peer reviews that lets you tap into our partners’ industry expertise that they are sharing through the Salesforce platform.

AppExchange Communications

To keep users updated on the latest upgrades, additions, best practices and helpful tips for better implementation. Users may sign up for the AppExchange communications, these are sent as weekly and monthly emails.

Omni-channel solutions

That can be used across all devices (Laptops/desktops, Tablets, Mobile phones or any other customized terminal) and popular operating systems (iOS, Windows, Android & Mobile Browser).

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